| Rainbow Bridge | Snoopy

Our dog Snoopy who we adopted from Wags in 2007 passed last week. We saw Snoopy at a Wags event and he was the only dog left that wasn't adopted. He was underweight, had a blocked tear duct and looked like he just lost a prize fight. We saw passed all that to the diamond underneath. 
He was a great dog comforting all my kids through their teenage years. He always knew who was down in the dumps and would sleep with that person. 
He loved to walk Pennypack but was always afraid of the creek. 
He was active right up to the very end. We were actually out for a long walk about a 1/2 hour before he passed. Dr Francis "Duke" Descant was his vet and that is the only person Snoopy would bark and growl at. 
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