Big transport this week--Please foster if at all possible!

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Subject: Big transport this week--Please foster if at all possible!
Date: February 10th 2014

Hi Fosters, 
Just wanted to let you all know that Tramp has been found--Thanks to all that helped (sorry-I'm not sure how I sent the message twice--human error as always).
I need a foster tomorrow for 
Malish  3-4 year chi mix   Malish is having his neuter surgery on tuesday and needs a foster to pick him up.  He is super sweet--Please let me know if you can foster this little (9 lb) guy starting Tomorrow.
Also,   We have a big GA transport this weekend and we need fosters for quite a few dogs and puppies.  Please let me know who you can take and what your parameters are.  We are in great need of fosters right now--so tell a friend.  Some of the dogs below will be knocked off transport if no foster is found so please try to foster this week if at all possible.
 lab/pit mix
Ghost   Lab/plott hound mix
Killian  4 year old chi  
Immanuel---has a foster but needs a forever home                                  
Lucy    Must have a foster----HW treated   lab/chow mix
Lab mix
Mia    Pit mix
Gibson     Puppy
Frost    Doyle   Puppies
Stephen      puppy
Joy       American bull doggie
Abbie    Rottie mix
Jackie    Shepherd mix
Chestnut    Shiba Inu mix
Luna     Puppy
Shots and Kara
 Puppies lab mix and corgi mix
Smorres    lab mix
Storm    Small terrier mix
Angel (prego)---Let me know if you are interested in fostering a prego momma and her puppies until they are 8 weeks old----I will get you more details on Angel. But there are always more prego mommas that need safe houses to have their puppies .
  Snuggles will be left behind if no foster is found and this is sad as Azreal will be leaving and Snuggles will be alone.
Thanks for being willing!!!!!  Wags cannot help these dogs and puppies without you!!!
Kind thoughts,
Emily Schnarr


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