Desperate Plea & A special event & fosters needed for Sunday

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Subject: Desperate Plea & A special event & fosters needed for Sunday
Date: February 14th 2014

   Sweet Thang needs a foster asap---or she is going to be dumped.  Her adopter isn't willing to wait until a foster opens up--The adopter has a disabled relative moving in who has alergies so Sweet Thang is losing her home.  She is great with kids, housetrained and all around awesome.  Please commit to fostering Sweet Thang today.  She is an adult Bulldog/Pit mix about 50 lbs.


Tomorrow (sorry for the late notice-my bad) Wags will be hosting a table at Citizens for a No Kill Philadelphia's Soulmate Skate down at Penn's Landing.  We have spots for three more foster dogs (must be people friendly) to attend.  If you would like to help out or bring your foster dog, Please call Jenannie at 215-779-8026-She will be down there setting up around 10 AM ---If you go bundle up it is an outside event.


Lastly,  We need more fosters this Sunday as only a few of the dogs and puppies are covered if they are not adopted.  Please let me know if you can take a puppy or an adult dog this week.  There are lots to choose from!!!!  If you don't see your name next to a dog--please let me know and I will get it there.

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr

 F1.Angel - prego JRT prego chi mix, two yrs old, HW pos, sweet girl, good with other dogs-Also Kathy M will foster 

@2. S'mores -2 years old, yellow lab mix, good with other dogs, sweet gentle boy. HW neg NEEDS FOSTER 

@3. Endora -pit youth NEEDS FOSTER 

 @4. Ghost- adult Plott hound - NEEDS FOSTER 

F5. Killian-4 yr old Chi-foster w/Carrie V

F6. Immamual-foster with Alyssa 

F7. Lucy -4 yrs golden chow 60 lbs -foster with Margaret M 



F11.Gibson- shep puppy NEEDS FOSTER

@13. Doyle -white/blk 10 week pup-NEEDS FOSTER

@14. Stephen -10 week blk pup -NEEDS FOSTER

@15. Joy -white 10 week pup-NEEDS FOSTER

16. Abbie -33 lbs 1 yr rottie female good with all/ Hw neg -possible adopter /
F17. Jackie-Shep mix, sweet girl. Gentle, shy, very sweet and quiet demeanor 1 yr 40 lbs -Chris S

18. Bouncer -9 week make Plot pup- NEEDS  FOSTER

19. Chestnut-4 month old shibu pup/ perfect loves all-NEEDS FOSTER

20. Luna- female 9 week hound pup/ sib is Bouncer-NEEDS FOSTER

21. Shots-17 pound blk lab pup 14 weeks  female-NEEDS FOSTER

22. Storm-9.7 pound female / HW neg/ good with other dogs -NEEDS FOSTER

23. Azrael- doxie lab mix 5-6 months old HW neg sweet girl-NEEDS FOSTER

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