New dogs in need of fosters

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Subject: New dogs in need of fosters
Date: February 27th 2014

 Hi Fosters,

We still have a few adult dogs in boarding that really need fosters: Snow, Marmaduke, Regina, and possibly Drake if he is doing okay.

For fosters with dogs-please bring your foster and foster's crate to the event Sunday.  Take a look at who is coming and needing a foster starting Sunday and let me know your top 4 choices.  Also, let me know your parameters (i.e.  only if my foster gets adopted-etc.)  We ask all fosters to remember to let us know if for any reason you cannot keep your foster until they are adopted as we need time to find another placement for your foster dog. (For example:  if you cannot keep your foster dog, please e-mail or call asap---PLEASE do not arrive Sunday at 1PM and tell us that you will not be taking the dog home----It really throws a monkey wrench into the system----Of Course it is best for the dog if he/she can stay with the same foster until they are adopted----but it is a much smother transition if we know it is coming).

Please take a moment to sign in with Fred or Jeannie when you arrive with your foster so we can make sure we have the info card about your foster filled out.  

Please e-mail me your preferences and if you are able to foster this round.

Thank you all again for all that you do to help Wags to Rescue so many precious lives!!!!!


Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr

ERNEST-Ernest ( Lab, M, 2Y Hw Neg) This is one handsome boy, full of energy and loves to run! Ernest is one of the coolest dogs we have ever met.   
MATEO-( Shep Mix, M, 2yrs) Mateo is a gentle soul with a heart to match. This awesome guy is going to make an awesome family pet.  
CANDY (F, Shepherd Mix, 3-5 yr, 36 lb) Candy was surrendered to the shelter in poor condition, being very thin and having a skin condition. Her owner said "she wouldn't eat after having babies." She has a very good appetite and is eating extremely well at the shelter. Candy is a friendly, calm & quiet, sweet girl.  
LESTER & LUCY (1M, 1F, 4 months) Lucy & Lester were held in an evidence case since January 4, 2014, and are now ready to go to rescue 
JO-JO (M, Collie mix, 1 yr, 46 lb) Jo-Jo was surrendered by his owner. JoJo is extremely friendly to people & other dogs and greets visitors with joy.   
TINA (F, Border Collie-Lab Mix, young, 46 lb, HW NEG) Tina was found as a stray with Timothy and they are probably siblings.  
HUEY, DEWEY & LOUIE (3M, Shepherd-Collie Mix, 8 months, 40-42 lb) These three brothers were surrendered to the shelter. The owner said they were unsocialized and the family did not spend any time with them. After just a day in the shelter, it is becoming obvious how social these dogs want to be and are happy to have visitors and are appreciative of kindness
Tabitha is around a year old, Shepherd/mix breed, She has been in the shelter since Jan  
JESSICA is a 2 year old, Corgi/Jack Russell mix, guessing
ARIEL ( F, Lab, 2 yrs ) WARREN Ariel is a classic beauty. She is looking forward to getting out the shelter and getting into her new home.
ESMERALDA-wags ready pup ESMERALDA (F, Lab mix 7-8 weeks) Animal Control got a frantic call from a citizen saying she could not leave her house because there was a dog on the porch that wouldn't let her out! This is that "dog".   

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