Sunday's Event and still more puppies!

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <>
Subject: Sunday's Event and still more puppies!
Date: February 28th 2014

Hello Fosters!

Please take the time to sign up for our volunteer newsletter at to keep up with events and all the exciting things going on!

Please be at the event between 12-12:30, and don't forget your crates! We are running short and need to keep track of Wags crates! 

Thank you!
Jeannie N

Volunteer Cooridinator


Also ----Please let me know if you can foster this week---we have a bunch coming and not many fosters.  6 more puppies were added after I sent the last foster newsletter.  Fingers crossed for lots of adoptions!!!!!!  Let me know if you are willing to be a back  up plan---puppies must go to homes!

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