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Date: March 5th 2014

Hi Fosters,

This is the Big Georgia weekend and we could really use some of the fosters who haven't had a dog in a while to take one this round!

I have only listed the dogs that are not covered (so if you already said you would take a dog (yours is not pictured here--if you have a question about who you agreed to -let me know and I will send you a photo).

Please let me know either way (as I sometimes wonder if everyone on the list is getting the newsletter when  I only get 5 responses out of 104) if you can or cannot take a foster this round. 

Some of the dogs on the list have no back up plan and must go to a foster home so please consider them first--Puppies also have no back up plan and we wouldn't want a puppy to go anywhere but to a loving homes so please consider them as a top priority.  It would be great to get everyone covered before Sunday.  Keep in mind that they may get adopted during the event but we must have a back up plan for every dog or Wags cannot continue to help save the number of dogs that it currently does. 

I know it is hard to be a foster and I just want to acknowledge you all  for the awesome job each and every Wags foster does with their dog/puppy.  It is only through the love of fosters that these abandoned and damaged animals have the luxury of a second chance.  They may not all show the appreciation (most do) but it only takes the head on your arm, the deep sigh of relief as you take them home and give them a bath for the first time to remember why we do this.  Some are so appreciative that they fall in love with us and that makes our jobs all the more difficult but rewarding as we have shown them love but still must let them go--which often is the most painful part of fostering!  There are some weeks tears well up in my eyes as I drive to the event feeling like a slave trader taking my friend to the auction.  It helps me when I really like the family that choses to love and adopt my fsoter and I remember I did the right thing when the process starts all over again with my next foster.


Please remember to bring your Wags Crates (We are really low and fosters will have to keep their dogs on leash with them if we don't have enough crates).

Please remember that parking spots at Horsham Vet are reserved for adopters--Please park in the neighboring lots after you unload your vehicle at Horsham Vet.

Please remember if your foster has been with you for 3+ weeks to ask for heart worm preventative and flea preventative.

Food is available at the events

Taking great photos of your foster and short video clips and sending to fosters@wagsrescue.org helps get your foster adopted!

LASTLY:   Please let me know your top 5 picks of dogs you are willing to foster this week starting Sunday and what your parameters are.

You guys are the best!!!

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr




Sandy-She is ONLY 20 lbs;This little precious girl is 11 months old.

 Tammi -yellow lab 11-13 months awesome with all 40 lbs,tammi is a yellow lab mix   

 Dakota –Shep/mix  52 pound Shep/Aussie ... MUST HAVE FOSTER 


Ella - full of life. 40 lbs. Sweet girl Great with other dogs and loves people!    


 Suzie's- puppy         Scarlett-  puppy  Sisters:     



 Sparkle is the bigger dog as Joy is already here.       

Shadow  --33 lbs of cuteness here!   female MUST HAVE FOSTER 

 Litter of 5 hound mix-8 weeks old 8-10 lbs each. Litter or 5 named them  Violet, Adelaide,Jesse James,Dexter, and Quinn ( 2 females,3 males)


 Becky, Bart- boxer/bd sib                                 


      Cody/Spanky- 8 week old pup

Sabrina - MUST HAVE FOSTER     







Zaida Puppy but I don’t have a picture







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