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Subject: Wags Fosters Newsletter
Date: March 14th 2014

Hi Fosters,
I hope you all enjoyed the nice weather today for at least a little while!
Wags has a few dogs this week that need fosters--please give me your top 4 picks and your parameters.
Fosters currently with dogs-Please don't forget your crates! Please park in the lots next to Horsham Vet. 
Thanks for all you do to help save these animals!!
Kind thoughts,
Emily Schnarr
 1 and 2. LESTER & LUCY- need foster, have been at the shelter since 2 months of age.  They are now 6 months old.
12.ARIEL-some medical issues  
13-15.Mitten kittens (3)- yes- Horsham and Ally F.
     17. Gibson     
     18. Snowy    
     19. Sparkles 
      20. Lisa 

      21 Jerri

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