Lots of dogs and puppies need committed foster or they cannot come!!!! Please Help them!!!!

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: Lots of dogs and puppies need committed foster or they cannot come!!!! Please Help them!!!!
Date: March 18th 2014

Hi Fosters,

Hope you had a chance to enjoy the nice weather before it snowed again!  I'm still hoping for Spring any day now.  I have been enjoying the sneak peeks into what it is going to be like when it decideds to stay!    We have a large transport scheculed to come up this Sunday and there are tons of dogs on the list.  This is where you come in.  Many of these dogs cannot come unless one of you commits to being their foster starting Sunday.  This in particular pertains to the older puppies, young adults and adults.  Look at the faces and see if you see a foster that you will commit to fostering.  The puppies get covered and adopted fast.  Please commit to an adult if at all possible.  

Please send me your top 7 picks so we can get as many covered as possible.  Wags can't save them unless we have foster homes for them to stay at until they get adopted.  Please consider fostering an adult especially if you haven't fostered in a while (okay a puppy if that works better--but please foster someone!!!)

Being obsessive--I like to know who can foster ahead of time---So Please let me know your choices and your parameters.


Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr       

Arendelle ---    Sorry I don't have a photo              

Dodge (2 yrs/59 lbs/HW-)               

Kaiser     12 week rottie           

Jacoby       10 week boxer mix              

Gym Bag Pups x 6               

Grizzly    10lb 10 week                 

Khaki  female 10 weeks   

Tickle 35lb -6 month male pitty mix  

DT   2 year old male Chihuahua 5 lbs.

Lisa Jo  --Sorry I don't have a photo

Karma pups (bottle feeding)   Sorry I don't have a photo             

Melody--Sorry I don't have a photo

Nightly --Sorry I don't have a photo

Peepers 1 yr/28 lbs  

Saber 6 month old male

VooDoo --Sorry I don't have a photo

Emily Montross, of the Swiss Family Robinson (7-8 mo/18 lbs/HW-)  

Kibbles adult Beagle  

Lilly Hess ~ terrier mix 1 year +   

Nella            4 month old dachshund female

Spice pups x 4           

Moose   14 week 20 lb Pitty baby.  good with cats, dogs and children       


Dinah--Sorry I don't have a photo

High Time-Sorry I don't have a photo

Burlap 5month 20 lb short leg Shep/Corgi (or Basset) mix  

Orson     10 weeks old-boxer shep mix

Luck Pups (JoCo) x 4          

Marboro  8 weeks 

Clover Pups x 3 10 week 15 lb       

Dust Bunny     sorry I don't have a photo

Jigsaw     male poodle about 11 lbs about 1 year old

Mindy Fairmont just under a year old wire haired terrier mix

Snuggles female 8 weeks lab/amer bull 

Downy  8 weeks 10 lbs  

Kickin Chicken 10 weeks 15 lbs  

Kingfish    retriver/chow puppy 15 lbs ten weeks

Hudson   & Lottie                                         

Gretel Fairmont (HWT)   60 lb 2 years old


Vinton (HW-/1-2 yrs/80 lbs)  GSD 

Karma  Sorry I don't have a photo 

Viva Las Vegas   Sorry I don't have a photo

Gage   Sorry I don't have a photo


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