Need two fosters for two awesome dogs!!

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Subject: Need two fosters for two awesome dogs!!
Date: March 25th 2014

Hi Fosters,


We need a foster asap for Vinton--his foster needs to take back her foster dog who was returned back (after the family lost him twice in two days). 

We need a foster for Witchipoo while her foster is away on vacation starting next week for about 2 weeks. 


Please see photos and bios and let me know asap if you can help out with these two dogs.

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr


Vinton is a family ready dog in need of a little obedience training. He's very food driven so it should be easy but repetition will be important. He's kind of a dope but he loves to give kisses. He's great with dogs cats kids and pretty bombproof. He has had no accidents in the house or crate so he appears to be house broken. He is a very calm 80lb GSD mix


Witchipoo is in an awesome foster home and has been doing wonderfully!  Her foster is going on vacation next week and will be away for approximately 2 weeks (I can get you exact dates if you are willing to foster this awesome girl).  She is about a 40 lb 2 year old black lab mix.


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