Prego momma desperate coming this weekend!

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Subject: Prego momma desperate coming this weekend!
Date: March 31st 2014


If you ever wanted the momma dog and puppies birth experience and can commit to keeping momma and puppies  until the babies are 8 weeks old--please e-mail asap.  She would be coming this weekend---she is a special plea from a vet that helps us in NC---this means she is friendly and sweet.  She is ready to pop and a special transport will be bringing just her (as far as I know).  

She is heartworm positive and will be treated as soon as the puppies are weaned--this is not an issue if you keep your dogs on heartworm preventative.  

I need an answer asap!!!!  She is currently at the high kill shelter and slotted to be put to sleep--Wags doesn't want to leave this vet down.

She is an adult Carolina Mutt---Can try to get more details so ask if you are considering.

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr



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