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Date: April 4th 2014

Hi Fosters,
The following dog/puppies also need fosters and are coming Sunday from GA.  Please let me know your top 5 picks but try not to forget Vinton, Stewart, Cornbread, and Anna Peace in your picks (from our last few newsletters). 
Please remember to have your dogs at Horsham Vet by 1PM and pick up starts around 4:30.  Please bring your Wags crate as they are in short supply. 
It is always good to remember that Wags Rescue is a totally volunteer organization--No one in the organization is paid from the President on down.  We all put our time and energy into the organization for the sake of the dogs.  The organization has no facility of its own and the only way these dogs get to find their forever home is if  "YOU" the fosters that are Wags open up your hearts and homes to help them on this journey.  Thanks for all you do both past, present and future!
Kind thoughts,
Emily Schnarr
Wags Assistant Foster Coordinator
1.Sabrina-Shep x-MUST HAVE FOSTER, HW treated - foster inn GA says she is perfect 
2.Sadie-bloodhound x ( mom of Scarlett and Suzie pups from GA last month ) -MUST HAVE FOSTER HW TX
3-6.Litter of 4 rottie/lab mixes-
7.Friday- black lab mix; absolute sweetheart petite and submissive  
8.Patrick- yellow lab hound mix 18 months 
3 mastiff mix pups:
12.Aprodite- 30 pound brindle terrier mix, in foster and perfect   
13.Buddy-4/5 month old hound pup....CUTE!  
14-16.Litter of 3 rottie /doxy mix pups- 7 weeks old   
17. Savannah- shep pup blind in one eye
18-21. Litter of 4 boxer mix-3 girls/ one boy 

   8 weeks.



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