Wags needs 4 more dogs covered this week!!!!! Please help!

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Subject: Wags needs 4 more dogs covered this week!!!!! Please help!
Date: April 6th 2014

Hi Fosters,

We have a few dogs that did not get fosters today and they need them --tomorrow would be good!!!!

Patrick is likely getting adopted but would like a foster until he does if possible.  

Nightly is super sweet and a little shy but a love

It broke my heart today to not have Friday go to a home--she was soo sad!!!!

Ebbie needs a foster placement that doesn't have quite so many people coming and going--she has come so far from when she hid in a garbage compactor--Please help her on this next step if you have a fairly quiet house.  She is good with other dogs --but doesn't share well so you will have to put away high value treats while you foster her. If you can foster Ebbie you are helping two dogs as her foster will take one of the other 3--all of which will enjoy her very active household


Please let me know  asap if you can foster one of these four young dogs.  Wags only works if fosters are willing to take dogs.   

You guys are all awesome!!!  I know there is someone on this list who can help with these guys.

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr


Little Miss Nightly is very gentle and sweet. Crate trained and great with both very small and very large dogs. Was introduced to cats today and was curious and gentle.

Sits pretty and is learning the proper way to walk on a leash and LOVES being outside.
She is such a nice pup, and will make a great family pet!


This is Friday. She is 12 months old. HW neg and a lover. Submissive, good with other dogs. Food bowl test was great. She just wants LOVE. Weighs only about 35 lbs fully grown,




Patrick is super sweet and submissive..gets along with others and likes people. and has demonstrated no aggressions...about 18 months and neutered~


  Ebbie needs a quiet house that doesn't have a ton of people.  She has made tons of progress--she needs a little more time with a foster family . Still skittish with new people and situations, Ebbie will need a family who understands how to continue the progress being made with her. Ebbie loves to snuggle right on top of her people and loves getting hugs and kisses.

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