This week at Wags--We need a few fosters

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Subject: This week at Wags--We need a few fosters
Date: April 12th 2014



Hi Fosters,


Just a few this week.  Please let me know if you can help out and who you can take.  See you all tomorrow!


Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr




   Ebbie has had a rough time of it.  She is good with other dogs that she likes but has food issues (please contact for more info).  If we do not find a foster for Ebbie she will need to go back to NC.  Please help if you can,  If you are a foster and don't have any dogs you might be the perfect situation for Ebbie (although how many of us don't have other dogs--LOL).


  Buddy's foster is going away and he needs a foster



  Bernard is now ready to go to his foster--he probably still needs a fairly laid back house as he is just over having surgery (I forget what for (I think it was leg but e-mail if you wanna know and I can find out)).  Sadly Bernard was meant to live with our resident Hound Queen Alyssa but his slot got filled when he had to go for surgery and her Hound Heaven is all full.  If you would like to see why she keeps all the houds to herself--foster this sweet guy!!!!


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