Huge transport--save the date and a life-Foster!

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Subject: Huge transport--save the date and a life-Foster!
Date: April 21st 2014

Hi Fosters,

We have a huge transport coming This weekend and need all hands on deck!  I will be sending out the pictures of who is coming and you will be able to give me your top 5 picks but I need to know who will take a dog home Sunday.  Please respond with:  I will take an adult/baby puppy/older puppy (5+months), only if my foster gets adopted, and any other parameters that I need to remember.  This will help with narrowing down who gets to come.  If at all possible, please foster this week and help save these awesome dogs.  Please respond either way.  I should have the photo list of dogs in the next day--it always changes a little as the transport date grows near.  Thank  you all for what you do!  Without fosters there would be no Wags Rescue!


Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr

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