Two exciting upcoming events and a few more dogs to choose from!

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Subject: Two exciting upcoming events and a few more dogs to choose from!
Date: May 2nd 2014

Hi Fosters,

The following is a note on a few exciting up coming events which would be a terrific opportunity for your foster dog to get seen and to help promote Wags Rescue.  Please attend if you can.  Following this note Iwill have the dogs that need foster on Sunday.  Lastly , don't forget that this Sunday from9-12 is the Wags Dog Wash.  Please come out with your personal dogs to support Wags.

Hello Fosters!!

We have an event at Lukens park this Saturday, the Blairmill 5k!! I'll be there at 7:45!! Anyone who feels like stopping by with a Foster is more than welcome!!

We are preparing for our big Saturday showing- June 7th, phillyfit bash at he NAC 4-8pm!!! I'll need as many dogs and pups as possible. This is a big showing for us!! If you can commit now (even of you have a different foster by then), please let me know. This is a big deal for us!! Please let me know if you can come and a picture of your current foster so I can get it together!! 

Thank you all! You rock!! Don't forget to come early or stay late if you can Sunday! Please bring crates! Annndddd please sign up for my volunteer newsletter on our website!!

Volunteer coordinator


This weeks dogs needing foster please let me know who you can help with (top 3):


Mini cooper   

Lucy -8 week hound Shep 
Chloe- 12 week choco brindle pit 
 Prancer- 18 month old Feist collie 
30 lbs -Horsham 
Shep pups - 4 months old Strip and Fat Girl ( Beautiful) 
 Gene Grainville-PENDING ADOPTION 
 Louise Grainville  Sorry don;t have photo
Bubbles - beautiful yellow lab...will post in AM; lived with a cat that was surrendered also!
 Barney- Lucy's brother 8 weeks old 



You guys are awesome as always!!!  See you Sunday at the dog Wash (there will be a special appearance of the Iceman as he gets his Wags Dog Wash)--come out to see my boy ad get your dog bathed.  

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr



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