Wags----OOPS---Please foster if you can this week---lots of dogs and puppies

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Subject: Wags----OOPS---Please foster if you can this week---lots of dogs and puppies
Date: May 3rd 2014

Hi Fosters,
Here I was patting myself on the back that I got the newsletter out early and was all caught up-----But that was only the little transport.  Somehow I missed the GA transport which is also coming tomorrow.  Please, Please, Please foster if you can----we have a ton of dogs and puppies coming.  If you haven't had a dog in a while this would be a great time to take one for the week----take two their small!!!! 
Please let me know if you can take a dog or puppy---We are desperate for fosters this week as I obviously goofed up.  If you can come pick up a foster tomorrow around 4:45 let me know asap so I don't lose too much sleep tonight.
I am hoping and praying to see lots of you there to save me from my mess up.
Top 4 picks please!!!!!
Kind thoughts,
Emily Schnarr
🐾1. Daniel- brindle pup is looking good.. He is a little cuddle bunny,he loves attention. He is approx 11 weeks old and weighs 10 lbs.
🐾2. Foxy Talbot- Foxy looks like a chihuahua pom mix,she is adorable and don't want you out of her sight. She weighs 8 lbs.is about 2 yrs old. Foxy is heartworm POSITIVE and is not spayed.She gets along good with other dogs and is super friendly. Had shots april 4th and panacur 4th 5th 6th.  She was abandoned at a country store where we live. NEEDS FOSTER 
SV 3.Bubba- bull dog pup ( going to be huge boy) NEEDS FOSTER 
SV 4.Litter of lab mixes (3)-7 week old lab mixes, have had first shots, wormed ( we brought meds to OKE to get them done) REMAINING PUPS NEED FOSTER 
Dana- female
πŸ˜‡πŸΎ5.Toby -beagle -PENDING ADOPTION 
SV 6.Lab/Catahoula mix- These babies came from the city pound. 4 lab catahoula mix.   Sandy spotted  catahoula ,the only female. Sonny,blond male. Star the smallest blonde male. Sambow dark chocolate male. They are  11 weeks old, and weigh 8-12 lbs. These babies are friendly and healthy. NEEDS FOSTER 
SV 7. Pete -Pete is a Boston mix,12 weeks old, 12 lbs.  He was surrendered by his owners, an elderly couple, due to an unexpected illness. . He is a spoiled baby wants to be held  a lot. He has a beautiful brindle coat. He is healthy, happy and very friendly.NEEDS FOSTER 
🐾8. Luna -Luna is a designer puppy. Puggle ,9 lbs and 12 weeks old. Just too cute for words,and a disposition to match. She is a live wire, never a dull moment. She was left on our porch,if you can believe that. NEEDS FOSTER
πŸ˜‡πŸΎ9. Cooper- OMG look at this video, a ONE HUNDRED percent wiggle butt! YET another Benji personality PLUS!, COOPER!!!!!! Only 1 year old! STEVE DRUDING 
🐾10.small/medium mix litter of 8
Looks like small-medium mix , 8 weeks old 4-5- lbs each. Very pretty colors and markings. healthy and happy babies. 6 males and 2 females. Started shots and worming 4-27-14.-MALLON'S
πŸΎπŸ˜‡11. Choco lab litter -MALLON'S 
NP πŸ˜‡12. Hound mix (5) GOING TO GINNY 


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