Help! Need a vacation foster tomorrow!!!!1

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Subject: Help! Need a vacation foster tomorrow!!!!1
Date: May 13th 2014

Hi Fosters,
Below is a fun opportunity for you to take your foster dog to. Please contact Jeannie  
and just below is my emergency plea for vacation foster for Gretel and Roxanne--they need a foster tomorrow or thursday at the latest.  Please help!!!!!
Kind thoughts,
Hello Fosters!
Quick reminder, our AWA walk is happening Saturday in NJ! We could use some fosters to swing by! 
Also, our Philly Fitbash on June 7th is 4-8. We will also be at Horsham Day, and that time is to be determined. 
For any info, please contact me at 2157798026 or
Need a few switches--- Must have Gretel and Roxanne vacation foster No Later Than Thursday!!!! Preferrably tomorrow.
Coco .... Lisa will be working on a training program and he would be a fun training project!!!
Gretel Thursday night; great with others; foster leaving on vacation 
Roxanne .... Little dog female foster leaving on thursday night 
Mom and pups 


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