Couple of dogs need fosters this week--so far.

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Subject: Couple of dogs need fosters this week--so far.
Date: May 21st 2014

Hi Fosters,
Don't forget our event Friday night from 6-8 at the Pet valu in Jenkintown.
We need a few fosters: 
Tashan may need to move to a new home.  She is good with other dogs and playful.  She is also house trained which is a bonus!!! 
This is Romeo, hit by car, broken pelvis, needs some R&R ( crate rest). He just needs to heal.  Peaceful home..  Where he can go to potty then back to crate.
We have him labeled as a poodle/bichon mix.  He's a stray so we don't have an exact age on him, but our guess is 4-5 years.  He's not yet neutered, but will be Thursday.
I will keep  you posted if there are more.
Kind thoughts,
Emily Schnarr

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