GA transport--fosters needed Sunday--Please foster if you can!

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Subject: GA transport--fosters needed Sunday--Please foster if you can!
Date: May 27th 2014

Hi Fosters,
We have a transport coming Sunday.  Please let me know your top 5 picks and your parameters.  I hope to see lots of you on Sunday.
Kind thoughts,
Emily Schnarr
P1. Litter of 8 small hounds detained from last trip-BEAUTIFUL PUPS    
   B)Cassedy - detained last trip
   C)Sundance-detained last trip
P3.James- black lab loves everyone: lives with multiple dogs 
P4.Cupid-HW TREATED - must have foster. She is 3 years old. WONDERFUL with kids, and dogs and people! She weighs 28 lbs
PLEASE consider her. We cannot bear the thought of her going to a shelter like environment!!!
P5.Ali- 12 week bulldog pup with pointed ears( omg) 
P6. Brixton Tye Little terrier mix pup- waiting on Colleen to name ( too cute for words)
7.Toby- 6 mo doxie mix ( edible)
P8. Shep/lab pups 
     Abigail- will be 13 weeks female
P9.Tabie and Phebe  
Here they are abandoned together and sooo in love. 6 months old
Tabie is male cho mix
Phebe- is female doxie mix?
Both HW neg and begging to live!!!
Vance Dogs:
P10.Harvey Vance- boxer x great with other dogs: lives with several
P11. Dolly - Aussie cross lives on a farm with lots if dogs; very low maintenance with company  No photo available
P12. Terry -lab x , sibling to Gene and Louise who came previously amazing dogs; he is in foster in NC with a ton of kids; good with other dogs  

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