Wags Rescue needs your input to determine who comes on Sunday!!!!!!! Please help so they are not left behind!

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: Wags Rescue needs your input to determine who comes on Sunday!!!!!!! Please help so they are not left behind!
Date: July 15th 2014

Hi Fosters,


Hope everyone has been having a great break.   We haven't had a transport in quite a while so I am hoping that you are all well rested and ready to take a foster or two--maybe even shoe horn in a third for good measure.  I have put as many faces to names as I could (please consider asking about the dogs without pictures if their name calls to you).  This is where the hard part comes---If there are not enough fosters or committed adopters then these dogs and puppies cannot come to PA for their big chance at a happily ever after.  Please let me know your top 6 picks for this round.  If you know any friends, relatives, people on the street or anyone that will still listen to you when you open your mouth about dogs,  it would be good to let them know how great and rewarding fostering these amazing animals can be.  I know many of us still have vacations to come but even a few days can help when we are down to the wire and have no place for a dog to go.  Some of our fosters are over run with dogs and puppies at the present time so Wags really needs some fosters to take dogs and puppies  who haven't had a furry friend in a while.  Please e-mail back asap to let me know who you are willing to take (please consider taking 2-3 of the smaller puppies as they are adopted quickly and it is better for the younger puppies to stay in a litter).  


Remember dogs that are not picked do not get to come to PA so if you think your choice doesn't matter it does.  


Kind thoughts,






Fern Treeing Walker Coonhound Adult Female found as a stray and sent to kill shelter.

Cheerios (1.5/40/HWT)  


Hunger Games Pup 2- names?




The Judge Pups x 1  Glenda Hatchett  


The Short Pups x 3 (females: Short Cut, Short Stack, male: Short End)




Matterhorn ~ The Peak Pup (male from Ginger litter #1) NOT POSTED

Hoppin’ John -NOT POSTED 



Diane (new)





Sambo Ellis ~ German Shepherd Dog pup… Needs EXPERIENCED handler! NOT POSTED  Love GSD's and have experience???  This could be a good foster for you.


Emily Montross, of the Swiss Family Robinson (HW-)   


Aconcagua ~The Peak Pups x 1   


Kate Middleton-NOT POSTED  You can say you hosted Royalty 


Pippa Middleton-NOT POSTED You could say you were a hand shake away from Royalty





Chance O’Neal-NOT POSTED   The luck of the Irish may be calling you 

Trixie O’Neal-NOT POSTED   Take two leprachauns they are probably small 

Butler (HWT)    

Popcycle pups x 4 (females, Cherry Popsicle,Strawberry Popsicle ; males, Orange Popsicle,Grape Popsicle)


Bar pups x 5 (male – Piano Bar, females – Marini Bar, Karaoke Bar, Margarita Bar, Wine Bar)      

Monkey pups x 4, 2 males, 2 females (Spider Monkey, Dutch Monkey, Capuchin Monkey(ADOPTED), Sock Monkey)          


Philly Pups x 3 (females: Garry Maddox, Pete Rose, male: Mike Schmidt)



Mireille (HWT)-NOT POSTED  Ask if you feel drawn to this name.



Chevy  ---Black lab older puppy--an american car puppy.


Dunkin Donut Pups:males 7females 3

1. French Cruller   
2. Apple Crumb   
3. Bavarian Kreme  
4. Blueberry Cake   
5. Lemon Burst    
6. Chocolate Kreme 
7. Sugar Raised FEMALE   

8. Jelly    
9. Maple Frosted  FEMALE  
10. Powdered Cake            FEMALE    


Ruby ~ dobi pup-NOT POSTED  Maybe this is a red and rust dobi pup but please consider fostering as Ruby is precious!  


Top Gun pups x 5 (males               


Kilimanjaro ~ The Peak Pups   

Mt McKinley ~ The Peak Pups  

Venengo HWT)    

Lilou (7+/70/ HWT)       

Nantucket (4/76/HWT)    




1. Jake - yellow lab 4/5 yrs old   

Loves humans and good with other dogs.

2. Pierre -35-40lb Husky mix    





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