Desperate for Fosters this Sunday. GA Transport

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <>
Subject: Desperate for Fosters this Sunday. GA Transport
Date: July 24th 2014

Hi Fosters,
So many fosters already have dogs but there are more coming fron GA.  Listed are the dogs that do no already have a foster:
 Jarvis is a 6 month old Mastiff mix  
 Dojie 16 lb lab terrier mix 1 year old  
. Buddy-   4 year old beagle
 Chi pup 2.8 pounds   Chi-Chi is 12 weeks old and so stinking cute she won't likely need a foster!  but let me know if you want to foster her just in case it is an anti chihuahua week or something weird.
 Basset pups 6           
Husky pups   
 Stripe   we need a foster for Stripe as we are trying to get these girls okay without each other.  Please only offer to foster Stripe if you have another dog!
McKinley   may already have a foster so don't get your hopes up!
If you don't see your name and are not sure if you have a foster, let me know.  More then likely if you are wondering--You do not.  Please give me your top 4 picks and your parameters (only if my current foster gets adopted, only if good with cats etc.). 
Please consider fostering if you haven't in a while.  If you are a new foster and have any questions--please ask!!!  
Wags can only help save dogs/puppies if we have enough awesome fosters willing to house and help these awesome animals.  
Thank you Fosters for all you do!!!!!
Kind thoughts,
Emily Schnarr

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