Wags Huge Transport---Need lots of commitments for lots of dogs and more puppies!!!!

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Subject: Wags Huge Transport---Need lots of commitments for lots of dogs and more puppies!!!!
Date: August 18th 2014

Hi Fosters,

I will be sending out a second e-mail by tomorrow with the GA dogs that are coming Sunday.  These are the NC Dogs that need fosters, who are also coming Sunday.  This means there are lots of foster dogs and puppies to go around!!! Please take someone--or two or three if they are small!  If you have not had a foster for a while, Now would be a great time to get one!  Please consider taking an older puppy or adult dog as it is harder to get them fosters.  Please let me know your top 5 picks and if you can take someone this Sunday and what your parameters are (i.e. good with cats, only if my current foster (name) gets adopted, only if the  puppy is over 10 weeks, only males etc).     I have tried to get you photos of everyone.  If you feel called by one of the names that I don't have pictured--Let me know and we will get it for you.  Please feel free to take the pictures on the newsletter and share with friends on FB who might want to adopt or share with their friends.   I am doing the newsletter from Oregon and will be back from my vacation on Thursday.  I look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday for this huge transport event!!


Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr

Foster Coordinator         

Arendelle(HWT) is two to three years old pitbull, she is good with kids and other dogs.                                                                                   

The Pub Brothers (Tabbuli Pup, Tamper Pub) are doxie mixes and the seven weeks old.


Superman Pups x 6 (3 males: Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Lex Luthor/3 females: Lois Lane, Lori Lemaris, Lana Lang)


Cheerios (1.5/40/HWT)


Namath this handsome one year old, 50 pound bundle of fun is a shepherd mix. He like children and other dogs.

Shakespeare Pups x 5                

Waver is a ten week old Catahoula Leopard Dog


Henry VIII pups

These four retriever mix pups, (Henry, Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon and Jane Seymour) are about ten weeks old and 15 pounds.


Prank is an adorable ten week old lab pit mix pup who likes people and other dogs.


Rush this adorable one to two year old poodle/schnauzer mix weighs in at 30 pounds. He is crate trained, housebroken and likes kids and dogs.


Joshua is a three year old pitbull. He is crate trained and friendly with other dogs.

Currituck sorry no photo

Milk Dud is a three year old chi mix weighing in at just over seven pounds, this cute boy is good with other dogs and cats.

Cressida Sorry no photo

Lug Nut is a four year old, seven pound yorkie who likes cats, dogs and people. He is also housebroken.

Lone Star (male) and Love Note (female) are 6-7 month old pointer mixes who love playing with other dogs, people and children.  

Emily Montross, of the Swiss Family Robinson (7-8 mo/18 lbs/HW-)


Aconcagua is aboout five months old and 20-25 pounds, this Retriever/Terrier mix is outgoing and extremely good natured.

Barnsley is a handsome 12 week old 20 lb. shepherd mix puppy.

Loco Mocha  2 years -12 lbs

Lilly Hess is a terrier/retriever mix who is a year old and kids and other dogs.

Antebellum Sorry can't find photo

Snap Pups         


Amigo is a shepherd mix who is one year old. He loves kids, other dogs and cats and is housebroken.


Girl Scout Cookie Pups x 5       

Catniss ~ A Hunger Games Pup 

Butler           (HWT)    

Bear pups  are eight week old shep mix.


Maggie Moo   

Row Pups x 3 (female : Rebecca Row males : Richmond Row, Rigby Row)     

South Bros. x 2 (South Port, South Hampton) are ten week old pit mix pups.

Sheffield is a eight week old shep mix.


Truffle and pups x 13 (Nursing mama and pups x 13)Sorry no photo please ask if you can take this one and I will get you info!!!!!!


Wilbur ~ Bassett /fat beagle senior 

Amy the male cat     Sorry no photo                                                             

Mila Sorry no photo

Ming    Sorry no photo 

Bug Pups x 2 Sorry no photo  

Nantucket (4/76/HWT) is good with other dogs.

Venengo (HWT) is a one year old pitbull.

Pretty Penny adult Wheaton mix

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