Urgent--Foster needed this morning or Clank aka Dublin goes to the SPCA

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Subject: Urgent--Foster needed this morning or Clank aka Dublin goes to the SPCA
Date: August 18th 2014

  Clank (Dublin) needs a place to stay until we can asses his behavior.  We need a foster that is willing to crate him and rotate him.  He is not getting along with the resident dog he is living with.  A submissive female would probably be best (unless we have a foster that doesn't have a dog at all but that is usually too much to hope for in rescue) and slow introductions or no introductions and just crate and rotate.  This is Urgent as the owner is taking him to the SPCA in the morning.  Please respond asap if there is anyone that can foster or you know someone looking for an only dog like Clank.  Clank has been living with a large Male Mastiff  that he has been having issues with so it might be a nepolian complex.  Needless to say the family is taking the giant's side and we need to get this guy a temporary foster.  He is really good with people and there were no other issues and he was living with children. 

Please send any ideas or leads that might help. 

Kind thoughts,


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