Fosters needed this week!!! Let me know asap who you can foster and they are the lucky ones who get to come!

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Subject: Fosters needed this week!!! Let me know asap who you can foster and they are the lucky ones who get to come!
Date: September 4th 2014


Hi Fosters,


Please respond tonight or tomorrow AM if you want to ensure your foster choice makes the bus!!!!  We have lots of dogs and puppies that need fosters if they are not adopted.  We cannot bring up dogs unless we know there is a home for them to go to if they are not adopted.  Please let me know your top 5 choices.  We try to get everyone one of the top 5 choices but please let me know if you are willing to take a left over at the end if your top 5 are adopted.  Left overs are fun and very appreciative!!!

If you like surprises, pick one of the dogs/puppies that we don't have photos for and be surprised with the fun foster you get.

You can always ask for mor info if you feel called by one of the photoless souls.

The older puppies and dogs are often the last ones chosen, so consider one of them.  If you love puppies, commit to 2-3 as they are easier in groups and an ex pen comes home with you to corral them. 

If you have not had a foster in a while, hope you had a great break and are refreshed and ready to jump back in.  If you are receiving this newsletter, please let me know Either way (yes I can , No I can't).  It helps with planning.  Also, if you currently have a foster or will be taking a foster on Sunday, Please e-mail your fosters WAGS NAME and photo along with a brief description.  We are trying to have these by Tues or Wednesday each week.  Up dating is important!!!!!!!

Thanks for all you do and fingers crossed for lots of forever homes on Sunday!!!!!

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr

Transport  9/6/14 – 9/7/14

Arendelle (HWT) 


Biggie 12 week old pitt mix 

Angelo  12 week old border collie mix


Superman Pups     

Cheerios (HWT)   2 yrs 



Henry VIII pups x 2 (Male: Henry, Female: Anne Boleyn)


Oliver Twists pups (Males: Oliver, Fagen, ArtfulDodger  Female: Nancy, Rose Maylie)        

Joshua  3 year old Pit rescued from starvation and live on a chain needs foster to come 50 lbs kind hearted energetic and needs a little work on manners--Please consider this boy if you have a little time for a fun project.


Skinny Minnie   7lb 2 year old chi/pug mix


Richie Rich

Miss Muffet


Lone Star  6-7 month pointer mix

Love Note 6-7 month old pointer mix 


Emily Montross, of the Swiss Family Robinson 1+ yrs 


Jill (HW+) (6 yrs 37 lbs)    HWtest pending- FOSTER WITH ALYSSA 


Snap Pups x 2        



Bed Bug ~ A Bug Pup


Bingle Bug ~ A Bug Pup

Bear pups x 3  

Maggie Moo    1 year old 35 lb tree walker hound mix good with cats, kids  but likes slow intro to other dogs. Housebroken according to NC foster.

South Bros. x 2 (South Port, South Hampton)  

Cam Sisters x 3     

(  Cambrie, Camden, Cameo, Camille)


The Pub Brothers (Tabbuli PupTamper Pub)    



Evansdale pups       


Miss Muffet's Pups x 3 (Female : TuffetMales :Curds & Whey)






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