WAGS needs Fosters this week--Please respond asap.

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: WAGS needs Fosters this week--Please respond asap.
Date: September 8th 2014

Hi Fosters,

If you are not currently fostering anyone or if you are dying to take on another foster,  Wags has some needs this week.  The urgent needs are for Gibson, Zeke, Sammy and Emily .  I need places for Gibson, Zeke and Sammy by Thursday and a place for Emily by Friday.  Please consider one of these three.  Coventry can stay where she is a little longer but the cats are thinking of mutany.  Alma and babies comes on Oct 28th which gives you a little time to plan but let me know asap or we may not be able to help her.

Wags is an awesome rescue made up of all of us and it only works if we are willing to take in the dogs that need to be fostered.  Thank you all again for making WAGS work for all of our dogs.  It is a priviledge to be a part of an organization that helps the helpless.

Kind thoughts,

Emily Schnarr


 Coventry has a shameful little secret (she really likes to chase cats).  She is currently in foster with several and they are hoping that another foster will take Coventry.  She is awesome except for the cat thing.  Please let me know if you can foster her asap.

  Gibson is an older puppy that needs a little work on manners.  He is being neutered and needs a foster on Thursday.   He is very smart and will learn quickly.  Let me know if you can foster him asap. 

  Zeke and Sammy are two Shitzu/Poo type   dogs.  They are Seniors and need a foster by Thursday.  Please let me know asap if you can foster them.

October 26th Alma and her litter of 8 come to Pa and need a foster .  The puppies will be 6.5 weeks old when they get here.  Alma is a weak positive for Heartworm and will be treated after the puppies are adopted at 8 weeks.  Please let me know if you can house this family until the puppies can be adopted at 8 weeks.  Also, if you can only do the family and then need Alma to move on let me know that also.   

  Emily loves playing with other dogs. And loves playing some more.  If you have a like minded dog please consider fostering Emily starting Friday after the Pet Value adoption event.  Please let me know asap if you can foster this beautiful sweet girl.






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