Two WAGs Events:tonight and Sunday: Fosters needed tonight!!!

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Subject: Two WAGs Events:tonight and Sunday: Fosters needed tonight!!!
Date: September 12th 2014

Hi fosters,

I have a couple of switches needed for tonight after the event (PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE BRINGING YOUR FOSTER OR NOT TO TONIGHT AND OR SUNDAY).  Please let me know asap if you can helpout with any of the dogs below.  There is a second event on Sunday in Southhampton at Tamenened Park(check out website) where your foster might get adopted). 

 Richmond is a perfect dog in an older puppy body--If you foster him you get a bonus good feeling because his current foster is in love with EmilyMontross        and will foster her if you take Richmond--two black dogs saved--what better feeling is there? 

  Anne bolyn  needs a new foster after the event tonight as her foster took two foster dogs Sunday and the resident male only has eyes for Catherine or Argon.  Koas will appreciate you taking Anne to the tower.  This puppy is likely to get adopted either tonight or Sunday but I need to make sure she has a place to go. 

Diana Prince is an awesome Momma dog whose puppies (all but one ) have been adopted.  She needs a new foster as her current fosters live an hour and a half away and she needs to get to events to get adopted.  If you will consider her I can get you more infor and a photo-thought I had one but alas.....  She is currently liveing with 8 kids, dogs, cats, horses and any number of other people and animals.  Please consider taking her in the next week or so.

    The pub brothers need a new foster after the event tonight as their foster mom has some events coming up.  They are about 12 weeks (If memory serves me ) and really cute.  Don't know how they didn't get adopted yet.  They will likely get adopted Sunday if you take  them to that event.  Please let me know if you can help!!!

Thanks for all you do fosters!!!!  Again--Don't forget to come to tonights event and Sundays.  This is how foster dogs get adopted.

kind thoughts



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