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Date: September 22nd 2014

Hi Fosters, 
If you don't see the dog you committed too, that's because I am only putting out the dogs that still neeed fosters.  So if you do not know who you are fostering, Please pick one of the remaining.  This means there are a lot of dogs coming and I really need fosters.  Many fosters are already full (I have two sweet chi mixes if you know anyoe who wants to adopt one!!).  If you haven't had a foster for a while, please consider signing up for one this round!!!  Pick a puppy and it will likely get adopted in a week.  Please remember that we always need updated pictures and bios (each week would be ideal!!!). 
                                                                                                              Next Adoption Event
Sunday, September 28th
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Horsham Veterinary Hospital
971 Horsham Road

Horsham, PA 19044
Please let me know your top 5 picks and/or if you will take a left over at the end.
Please let me know asap if your current foster dog/puppy will be attending. 
A Quick rememinder to all About our up coming Bingo Fund Raiser on Oct 3rd. Come buy a ticket and tell a friend.  Just think, you can have a chance to talk to the people that are always rushing around at the events and never have more then a second to talk!!!  We are really quite fun to be around!
Thank you all again!!! It only works because we are willing to open our homes to these amazing animals!!! 
Kind thoughts,
This weeks Dogs:
Diana Prince Play Video
Puppies are all adopted--and mom needs a foster closer so she can get to events.  She is currently living with 8 children, dogs, cats, and various other animals.
*1.Sammy-11 pounds and 6 months tan little terrier mix 


*4.Garth-beagle-2 year old 



*7. (3) black lab/mastiff pups-Jane and Charlotte is a female lab/mastiff mix pup. Nibs is the male!  Beautiful thick pups! Only 10 weeks old now. Adorable and so sweet and loving!  Jane  Charlotte
*11.(2)Shelly, Stanley-curly tail puppies  
*12. Oscar--brindle doxie mix pointed ears 
*14. (2) Lilo-Stich-mommy and baby - (pup is blind)
*15. Chelsea-choc 6mo pit mix
*17. (2)Jesse, James, Cisco- brindle plott shep mix litter   jesse   James
*18.(2) Bugsby, Shancey- 6 mo beagle hound sibs   Shancey      Bugsby
*20. Bear-lab  mix pup black head, white body12 week  l
*21.RISER- Brindle plott hound pup-Plott hound mix ! This one is new from puppy tubs.Looks very hound. 12 weeks, sweet, spayed and vaccinated. Found running across highway.
*.23. Ren and  Stimpy  (2) chi mixes- 4 months 10 pounds    Ren
*24. Buttercup-hound mix puppy- to die for cute!! 10 weeks and 5 pounds!!        
*25. Freckles cattle dog mix pup, Female 4 mo Aussie cattle beagle mix w nub tail : 20 lbs  
*26.  Mr. Tippy- LOVE LOVE LOVE...30 pound spaniel mix. I love this dog! A wonderful little boy. He fits well into many play groups.  Staff enjoys his "happy go lucky" attitude.  

   *27. SAGE-boxer/ terrier cross 13 pounds, 3  month...  

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