Urgent!!! Wags foster needed---By Tonight

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Subject: Urgent!!! Wags foster needed---By Tonight
Date: October 13th 2014

Hi Fosters,

We had tons of adoptions yesterday (45-50--I think they slipped a few in after my last count of 45).  With all that awesome adopting comes Monday morning and the buyers remorse, lack of dog savvy and an Urgent need to get a foster because an adopter is threatening to dump their new dog at the SPCA (eventhough they just signed a contract saying they wouldn't do that).  This is where you guys come in.......

  Cosette was adopted yesterday and needs to destress but the adopter is unable to see through the stress and wants her gone today.  I already have a placement for Cosette so that we can get her chilled out and assess her.


The foster willing to take Cosette has the 6 month old Puppy Bear      So I need a foster for Bear by tonight so that she can save Cosette.  Please let me know asap so we can get it arranged.

We are also open to anyone who want to just foster Cosette.

Thanks for Considering!

Kind thoughts,


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