This weeks transport----Please commit so they can come

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Subject: This weeks transport----Please commit so they can come
Date: October 16th 2014



Cosette's puppies need fosters or adopters

  Rocky has a foster

Doogie !!!!!!!! Priority---Must have a foster to come!!!!!!! Please consider this 3 year old beagle mixMust have a foster!!!! He is adoreable!

Kaitlyn is adopted

Sherlock needs a back up plan as he had 20 applications and he adoption may have fallen through----soooo please commit to this guy it is not likely that you will have to foster him. 

Emily goes to hound haven with Alyssa unless someone wants to arm wrestle her.  I think my nose is awesome!!!

Brady Bunch puppies .  There are 6 

3 boys                                                                               and 3 girls                             




  Theo must have a foster to come---1.5 year old snauzer mix

 Tiger must have a foster to come--3 year old brindle shep mix

Oscar is adopted 

  Stanis is an  year old golden ret/shep mix and must have a foster--if you were 8 you wouldn't wanna come all this way to not have a place to stay.  Please someone say you will foster him.

Otis has a foster

 JJ is deaf but has a foster

  Dougan is a pririty for foster--He must have one.  He doesn't like cats though

 Winnie is pending adoption

  Miles 6 month basset mix

 Betty might need a foster

Mimi is a Pom mix Female (not a puppy)and Amy Br you might want to foster her if she is still at the end of the event--but I couldn't find a photo. 

  Diana Prince must have a foster if she is not adopted.  She is a little shy and would love a somewhat chill, laid back home.

Okay fosters,

This is the list for this week.  Okay--I think there are a few shepherd puppies also but don't have names or pics but am sure you all will fight over them if they are left overs.  Fingers crossed for lots and lots of adoptions again this week but I need commitments from you to make sure everyone is covered. 

Please let me know your top 5-7 choices.  I will be at a family event this week so Colleen will be coordinating this week.  As always, send me photos and updates as close to Monday morning as possible.   Please respond asap with your choices and if you will cosider a left over. 

Please consider one of the priority dogs: Diana Prince, Mimi, Dougan, Doogie, Tiger or Theo.

Kind thoughts,


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