Calling all Fosters--Next Sunday is a really big one--Respond asap either way

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Subject: Calling all Fosters--Next Sunday is a really big one--Respond asap either way
Date: November 9th 2014

Hi Fosters,

Next Sunday is one of the huge transports that happen only a few times a year.  We have dogs from both GA and NC coming and we need fosters to commit to taking dogs or they cannot come.  Please commit to taking a dog if you haven't for a while.  Pick highly adoptable dogs and they  will likely get adopted  quick.  Please look at the list of dogs and let us know your top 7 picks.  These are only the NC dogs.  Some of  us have already put our names down for GA dogs so when you give your top 7 please let me know that your number one choice was the GA dog (This way if your 1st choice gets adopted I can send you home with one of the other choices-----Why would anyone want to go home empty handed?).

Remember, when you get your foster home to get really good photos and or short video clips and send them to along with a short bio about the nice things you observe about the dog/puppy.  This helps people to see the current dog/puppy and generates interest in them. 

If you have a favorite dog, it always helps to put their photos on social media and share it.  So if you like some of the dogs on the list but can't foster them all please share them.  

Please respond asap so that we can get the who's coming list figured out in time to get lots of the dogs on transport.

I have added that  certain dogs have applications only to show they already have some intrest in them--not all applicants are approved.

Kind thoughts,


Ahote (NM/1yr/27lbs/HW-) and Enapay     


Aliana (SF/1.5 year/44lb/HW-)   


Amelie (SF/1.5yrs/43lbs/HW-)    has an application

Arya (SF/1.5yrs/40lbs/HW-)   


Audrey (SF/1yr/18lbs/HW-)       


Balfasar (M/14w/17lbs)      


Bearable (M/5m/35lbs)


Bearhug (SF/7m/27lbs)  


Bella Christina (SF/3yrs/55lbs/HWT)     


Betsy (F/10w/20lbs)     


Blue Jelly (F/10w/12lbs)       has an application

Buddy Biggs (NM/2yrs/27/HW-)   


Bug Pups (SF/8m/30lbs)

  • Bed Bug    
  • Bingle Bug  


Cam Sisters x 2 (SF/7m/35lbs)

  • Cambrie  
  • Cameo    


Catniss (SF/1yr/HW-)   


Clay (NM/1y/55lbs/HW-)    has foster w/ Rebecca M


Copper (M/1yr/45lbs/HW-)    


Dare (F/14w/20lbs)  


Dottie (SF/3yrs/42lbs/HW-)   has foster with Bianca


Emelina (SF/6m/30lbs/HW-)  


Eno (NM/1yr/42/HW-)

Evangeline (SF/1yr/27lbs/HW-)   


Fat Chance (NM/1.5yrs/56/HW-)  


Fine China Pups (10w/10-15lbs)

  • Rothschold (M)   
  • Wedgewood (M)    
  • Lenox (M)  
  • Mottahedeh (F)   
  • Mikasa (F)


Flash Bang (NM/1yr/23/HW-)  


Forecast (NM/1yr/23lbs/HW-)   


Godwin (M/17w/6lbs)    Susanne has this one covered but you can  probably arm wrestle her for him.  But he is likely to get adopted.


Harper Paisley (F/10w/15lbs)    


Lilibet (F/15w/26lbs)   


Magenta (SF/1yr/37lbs/HW-)   


Maggie Moo (SF/4yrs/42lbs/HW-)    


Mama Strong (SF/3yrs/55lbs/HWT)


Miss Marbles (SF/1.5yr/43lbs/HW-)  


Mr. Edward Peabody (NM/1.5yr/43lbs/HW-)

Music Pups (M/12w/10lbs)

  • Treble   
  • Alto    
  • Bass      has an application
  • Tenor


Nanna (SF/7yrs/9.3lbs/HWT)  

   Amy Br this looks like a foster for you--Let me know

Princess (SF/5yrs/12.1lbs/HW-)    


Richie Rich (M/6m)   


Ripple (NM/1.5yrs/25lbs/HW-)


Ruger (M/64lbs/HW-)   


Skinny Joe Merlino (M/14w/20lbs)   


Snap Pups (NM/30lbs/6m)   

  • Snap Dragon
  • Snap Jack


Starling (SF/17lbs/7-8m/HW-)   


Sticky Pups

  • Sticky Rice (m)    
  • Sticky Paws (f)   has an application


Sweather Sisters  (F/10w/10lbs)

  • Angora
  • Cashmere


Tamara (F/6m/25lbs)

Tia (F/6m/25lbs)




Watch Pups (M/10w/1lbs)

  • Tag Heuer
  • Rolex   
  • Citizen   


Wilfreda Beehive (SF/3yrs/20.1lbs/HWT)     


Zac Brown (NM)   

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