foster switch needed--Please help if you can!

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <>
Subject: foster switch needed--Please help if you can!
Date: November 17th 2014

Hi Fosters,


   Is a super sweet male lab mix approximately 6 months old.  He is an absolute love but is terrorizing the resident parakeets and guinea pigs at his new foster home.  I know most of us already have foster dogs/puppies but I am hoping there might be someone on the newsletter list who is an approved foster (which actually everyone on the list technically ---okay I won't go into that......)would be willing to switch or foster Forecast-- Preferably a foster without birds or small rodents --maybe extend that list to cats just in case--(although a dog savvy cat who still had it's claws might help Forecast with a little manner training (but again I didn't say that))

Please let me know asap so we can help Forecast get into a situation where he can be successful.

Kind thoughts,


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