Please take a foster this Sunday if you can.

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Subject: Please take a foster this Sunday if you can.
Date: November 18th 2014

Hi Fosters,
Have I told you lately how awesome you are?  You really are.  There where 59 adoptions last Sunday.  And lots of us took fosters home to boot.  There is a small transport coming this Sunday and these dogs need to be covered.  Some are already spoken for like Annabelle pups, Princess, Leonardo, and the big Brutus.  The others still need fosters.
Give me your top 3 choices and your parameters.   
This is definetely a dig deep kinda week.  
Remember to send pictures and updates of your current fosters so we can get them adopted.  
If you haven't fostered in a while--This would be a really good time as most of the regular fosters have one or more foster dogs in their homes already.
Kind thoughts,
. Annabelle pups - 8 (terrier mixes range in size from 3 to 5 lbs) - Pic of Lefty attached - there are 7 others-FOSTER w/ Hope 

2.Princess (shep/pit mix weighs 55 lbs) -Foster w/ Susan S

3.Tomorrow (pit weighs about 50 - need med records from highland)- 

4.Leonardo (terrier mix weighs about 15 lbs)-Foster with Susan S daughter

5.Friday (golden mix puppy weighs 15 lbs) 

6.Bella (hw injections wed/thurs and will get distemper - german shep weighs about 55 lbs)-ADOPTED

7.Brutus (St Bernard -145 lbs)- Mallons

   8. Colleen Marie (catahoula/aussie puppy weighs about 10 lbs) 

9.Tin Tin (lab mix weighs about 35 lbs)

   10. Pepper (aussie mix weighs about 35 lbs)


11. Callie (plott/lab mix weighs about 76 lbs)

    12. Rudy (red nosed pit about 50 lbs) 


13. Lee Lee (shep/hound 25 lbs)

14.Dee dee (shep.hound 25 lbs)

15.Bandit (lab mix 38 lbs)

  16. Max (choc lab 40 lbs)  
   17.Brutus (cairn terrier mix senior 17 lbs)  
   19. Tyson- Bulldog/boxer mix  
    20. Lucy- golden mix pup
    21.Charlotte- golden mix pup

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