Momma and puppies coming mid December but must have a foster

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Subject: Momma and puppies coming mid December but must have a foster
Date: November 29th 2014

   Momma's name is Penny and she needs a commited foster for December 15th for her and her puppies.  I'm guessing it will be a 4-5 week foster for the puppies.  Looks like 7 puppies give or take a couple.  Please let me know asap if you can commit to fsotering this sweet girl and her babies.  

We still need someone to step up to take Miss Marbles.  She needs a crate and rotate foster or a foster with no other dogs as she is scared and having issues with resident dog at current fosters.  

Let me know if you are fosterless and available for a foster in case one comes up that would work at your house.

I am Thankful this Holiday for all the awesome people that work together tirelessly to help save so many K-9 lives and in doing so enrich our lives, the adopters lives and the dogs lives.  Happy Thanksgiving--I hope it was awesome for all!

Kind thoughts,


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