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From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.org>
Subject: Wags Adoption reminder
Date: January 10th 2015

Hi Fosters,

Just a quick reminder of how things work.  Volunteers-Volunteer, Fosters- Foster  and Paperwork people do ---Well all the paperwork.

I know that it is tempting to think we can get more done if Fosters do Paperwork but this is not in reality the truth--it actually causes masses of headaches.  If you are not one of the five people that are designated as adoption paperwork people, please do not try to do adoption paperwork--send the adopter to the next event or contact Colleen, Susan, or Emily to determine when we can get an approved paperwork person to do the adoption.  There are events nearly every week and everything can be done over the internet (if need be) but it has to be done correctly through approved channels.  If you are not sure if you are an approved paperwork person feel free to ask Colleen or Susan.  

This brings up the other reminder---We as fosters never give our foster dog to any adopter or other foster unless we have 1. clearnace from  Colleen or Susan that all the paperwork and adoption fees are covered.  2. Colleen or Emily know who you are switching fosters with.  (Although it is awesome when we can help find vacation coverage through Facebook for our fosters ---Colleen or Emily needs to know where Wags dogs are at all times.   It doesn't help however when switches are aranged during events to trade our fosters as there is the overall plan to try and cover all the dogs at the event--so please be considerate that your trading a few puppies jepordizes some other puppies/dogs chance to be in a home for the week or their chance to stay a Wags dog if we don't have enough fosters.---It really is best to ask for trades a week before it is needed and we can all work together to make it happen.  

Thank you all for understanding.

Now for the Super fun part of this Newsletter.  

The GIGANTIC Clear a shelter trip will start on Jan 21st and end Jan 25th with our needing all available fosters and any friends we can bring in to foster to house the (usually close to 100 dogs/puppies) that make their way to PA during this event.  Please help with planning by letting me know that you will take a foster on the 25th of January--It is most helpful if you will keep the foster until they are adopted but a week or two will also help.  

I will begin sending out photos of the dogs needing fosters once TEAM WAGS gets to NC on Jan 21st.

You can let me know your top picks then but it would be great to know if you will take a foster before then.

A side note---I need a foster for Queen Clarion --Let me know if you can foster her.

Kind thoughts,


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