Wags Rescue some key information

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Subject: Wags Rescue some key information
Date: February 15th 2015

Hi Fosters,


I'm hoping to have photos of the dogs and a lits by tonight so you can choose.  I have heard from some of you that you can foster but I still need some more commitments to foster as there are a ton of dogs and puppies in NC who need out.  

I have a momma and 4 week old puppies that need a place to stay until adoptable age.  It would be great if in the commitment you are willing to keep momma until she is adopted.  She is a small chocolate pitty mix--I need to know asap and she is beautiful.

If you are a Facebook user, please take a moment to let me know that you would like to be on the closed "Fosters of wags rescue" page.  This page is for fosters only and is where I will be posting dogs that need fosters.  It is also where we can share our triumphs and questions.  It also lists at the top who to call if you are having a medical emergency or a serious behavior issue that is not something you would want to share with the entire group--somethings are better to keep private and FB isn't the place for that.  IE:  my foster ate my shoes would be funny and okay--my foster ate the kid down the street not okay.  Only approved fosters will be able to see this page and join this page. 

If you have not committed to fostering a dog or puppy on Feb 22nd--please let me know.  I know there are quite a few on this list who haven't had a dog/puppy in quite some time.  The 22nd would be a really good time to take someone as we have a back log of about 70 dog/puppies that need to be moved asap.

There are still tickets left for the Beef and Beer Friday night.  Let me know if you need a ticket asap. It will be an awesome and fun event.  You can get a chance to actually talk to the blurs that are Wags volunteers that you may only get to see in passing at the events.


Kind thoughts,



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