Quick Reminder and Plea

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.com>
Subject: Quick Reminder and Plea
Date: February 27th 2015

Okay--I still need fosters for Harlan, Duncan and a pile of puppies.  Please let me know asap.  Please call me 267-981-5901 or text it works better for me.  if your foster gets adopted and you can take someone.  I will be doing the adoptions at my house and will have to get someone else ot beg for me.  

My husband just reminded me that I am two months over due on getting my PA Dog license for 2015---So That's what I did on line just before writing you all----And I figured if I forgot some of you migh have forgotten also--Please take a momet to go on line and get your 2015 PA dog license--It not only is the law but there are fines and it makes Wags look bad if you get caught harboring a dog with out a current license.  You only need licenses for your personal dogs---Wags dogs are covered under the Wags foster license.  It's quick easy and fairly painless to get the license on line.

Dogs coming 3/8 keep me posted if you can foster.

ADOPTION EVENT TOMORROW at Petvalu in Jenkintown  12-3.  Please bring your foster out for this event.

Kind thoughts,



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