need a few fosters and event Sat cancelled.

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Subject: need a few fosters and event Sat cancelled.
Date: March 13th 2015

I have a few dogs that need fosters asap.  

Mabel and Marilynn are two poodles 3 and 5 years old and they would do best staying together from what I have been told.  They are super sweet but husband is allergic so they are coming back.  Please let me know if you can foster these two well mannered girls.  Wish I still had a photo but alas it is not on Petfinder any longer.  They are two smallish poodles (not tea cup or Standard--whatever that mid size is called---Something exotic --like a miniture poodle).

Bella needs a foster --She is a shy GSD mix and the adopters hounds are beating her up.    Sorry I don't have a photo yet but one is coming.  If you are considering please ask for more info. We need to cover her quickly as she was adopted out of state and loosing track of her would be really bad.

Butterball--is a doxi mix.  I have an emergency foster as adopter is threatening to dump but need a permanent foster.  He is being returned for being over protective of the family.  

Lucy's foster is going in for surgery and she needs another foster--Please let me know asap if you can take this puppy.

The event at Petvalu this Saturday has been cancelled.  We will continue to do adoptions and meet and greets when possible between now and the next event at Horsham.   Please send me good photos and updates so we can keep your foster up to date.  If you do not have a foster please consider one of the above dogs--I really need them covered asap.

Have a great weekend---The Hockey team I came down to Alabama to watch just made it into the Semi Finals so I will be having an exciting weekend.  

Any Wags problems for the next week are so are texted to Colleen 267-238-7892 to field!!  Thanks for all you guys do.


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