Wags Transport 3-28 and a few switches

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Subject: Wags Transport 3-28 and a few switches
Date: March 13th 2015

Hi Fosters,
I still have a few returns and foster vaca (switches) not covered. 
Drea needs moved by March 26---She is a puppy and is already trained near perfection    
Daria needs a foster until Wednesday when she will be adopted again.  
We have a transport on 3/28 and I need foster commitments in order for these dogs to make transport.  Please give me your top 5 picks and parameters (ie if mine is adopted). Wags only works if we have fosters to take the dogs.  Some of these dogs have been passed over for a while--please consider giving an underdog (passed over because the dog is a pit mix or black or I don't have a photo) a chance.  You guys are awesome and lots of lives are saved because of your decision to foster.
Ebenezer is a one hear old boxer staffy mix.  he is friendly and good with other dogs.
Lilly good with cats and dogs when slow intro, Bit too energetic for small children
Blake Child and dog friendly blue heeler/lab mix
Mathis  really good with kids and other dogs
Sweet Caroline 1 year beagle hound mix great with dogs and kids
Atlantis  2 year old lab mix  good with kids and dogs
Topaz  black lab cattle dog mix 1 year old
Bear (tripod) 3 year old border collie mix(3 legger) 
Macy Lab Aussie mix
Duke 4 year old GSD mix 
Sissy  2 year-25lb beagle mix
Payson easy going good with kids and dogs 1 year old lab pit mix   
Blaze 9month old Boxer / Cocker Spainel  (really that's just wrong but cute) 
Maori pups (3)     
Pit Pups (7) Patches and another 
Charleah's pups (2)dempsy (f) lola (f) 
flex and fly 4-5 month old shep /collie mixes 
DelcieChi mix puppy
Happy   shep/plott hound puppy 14 week female 
Sleepy---Is a puppy and I have no picture Please consider the underdog!!!!!!
Little dogs:
Dashing Doyle---Chi mix  4-6months old
Twist 10lb pom chi mix good with other dogs
Devita 2 year old min pin  female 10 lb good with others 
Maria and Ava    Chi mixes--No cats 1-3 years old---would like to be kept together.
Comfort doxi  2years quiet and mannerly female 
Maybe some others--so let me know parameters and if you can foster on March 28th----I will be there for the fun sorting at the end of he event and look forward to seeing you all!!!
It only works if we have fosters.  Please consider taking someone if you haven't fostered in a while.  Top 5 picks and parameters please.
Kind thoughts

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