Must have Foster NOW!!!!!

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Subject: Must have Foster NOW!!!!!
Date: March 18th 2015

    Mable and Marilyn ( oh i hope I got the names correct)  Need a foster NOW!!!  They were foster to adopted and now they want them out because the husband is allergic.  He can't come out of his room and has needed to go to the doctor to deal with his allergies to these two hypoallergenic dogs.    Okay --let's not look to close---these two sweet girls need a foster asap.  They are 3 and 6 years old.  I need them moved today.  If you can foster please text Colleen asap---267-238-7892.  

I need someone to step up NOW!!!!!!  so far I am not getting a ton of responses but I  know I only need one.  Please consider.   (can you consider a little quicker--Just saying I need them moved now as foster to adopter is threatening to dump them).

Kind thoughts,


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