There really are a ton of dogs that still do not have fosters! Help!!

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Subject: There really are a ton of dogs that still do not have fosters! Help!!
Date: March 24th 2015

 Hi Fosters,

So approximately 100 dogs are on their way to PA this Sunday and I still really need fosters.  Help decide who gets to come.  If you have already sent your list, you can add one or two of these dogs for good measure.  However, I really need anyone who doesn't have a foster and hasn't replied to commit to someone.  There are a buch of Shitzu's from a hording case on this list (okay so I don't have nice after pics or have any idea which ones are which but that will come--just say I want a Shitzu or two they are small).  

Who wouldn't want a litter of puppies?  Let me know I will hook you up!!!!

There is definetly a dog or puppy or 2 or 3 for everyone--Please let me know asap who you would like from this list.

Most of the dogs have pictures and I will start posting on wags facebook page advertising them tomorrow.

Kind thoughts,


 Frieden’s Pups x 8 (8w/10lbs)  Puppies

 Eason’s Pups x 7 (8w/15lbs)  Puppies


Aliana (SF/2yrs/40lbs/HW-)                                                                                        Jill G


Animaniac Pups x 2 (MMF/8w/4lbs)                                                                      


Annie Pax (F/12w/?)                                            


Augusta & nursing pups x 2                                                                


Boomer Mike (NM/1yr/45lbs/HW-)                                         


Brody (NM/4yrs/55lbs/HW-)             No photo                                                                          


Bye Bye Birdie Pups x 5 (10w/15lbs)     


Calgary (SF/4yrs/10lbs/HW-) (from Project Shih-Zam!)              Photo may not be the correct Shitzu but you get the idea they are from a hoarder and look clean and nice now     


Caroline (SF/3yrs/HWT)                                                                                                 this might be the wrong dog------sorry---can I get fired?


Clarissa (F/2yrs/40lbs)       the big one                        


Colby Mac (M/10w/10lbs)      a puppy                                                          


Congo (SF/6-7m/25lbs)          

Cooper (NM/1yr/45lbs/HW-)                                                     


Dalia (SF/2yrs/70lbs)           No photo                                                                                   


Dallas (NM/6-7yrs/19lbs/HWT)                               


Darn Tootin’                                                                                                      


Dawf (NM/2yrs/37lbs/HW-)                               


Dover (SF/3yrs/46lbs/HWT)                                                 


Ellie May (SF/2yrs/48lbs/HW-)            


Enapay (NM/1yr/42/HW-)                                     


Egyptian Pups x 3 (10w/15lbs)                                                                                    


Fat Chance (NM/2yrs/56/HW-)                    


Gerda (SF/1yr/28lbs/HWT)                                           


Grimsby (MN/4yrs/15.5lbs/HWT)      Likely adopted so don't need to put on your list            


Hamilton (NM/4yrs/11lbs/HW-) (from Project Shih-Zam!)      May not be correct Shitzu but you get the idea---there were about  30 of them.  


Hank the Hound (NM/2yrs/36.3lbs/HW-)                       


Hodge (NM/3yrs/61lbs/HWT)                         


Homestead (NM/1yr/32lbs/HWT)                                 


Joker (M/10.5w/15lbs)                                          


Judson (NM/?/48lbs/HWT)                                                                                         


Just Pups x 6 (1M, 5F/10w/10lbs)          


Kobie Joe (NM/3yrs/19/HWT)                                


Koda (SF/10m/40lbs/HW-)              Pat A


Ladies of Blues Pups x 5 (8w/10lbs)                                    

  billy holliday      puppies

Little Boy Blue (M/5w/4lbs)                        


Lulubelle (SF/3yrs/31lbs/HWT)                                          


Montreal (NM/5yrs/16lbs/HW-)        May not be the correct Shitzu but you get the idea    


Moon Pups x 2 (12w/20lbs)                 


Needoo (SF/2yrs/53lbs/HWT)                                          


Onna (SF/1yr/38lbs/HW-)                                            Mary Beth


Peanut Wigglebutt (SF/1yr/41lba/HW-)                                         


Peter Pan Pups x 8 (12w/15lbs)           Okay you get the idea and I need to be done the newsletter before the hotel throws me out.


Rabbit Hutch Pups x 8 (10w/20lbs)                        Puppies 


Sheba (SF/1yr/29lbs/HW-)           *timid*                            


Southern Siblings Pups x 4 (12w/20lbs)       There are 4 but you get the idea ---puppies





Sunday Breakfast Pups x 2 (12w/20lbs)                  


Texas (SF/3yrs/48lbs/HW-)                   


Thelonius (NM/9m/35lbs/HW-)                        


Ton (NM/5yrs/62/HWT)                        


Toronto (NM/5yrs/15lbs/HW-) Project Shizam  may not be the correct Shitzu but you get the idea    

Trevor (NM/1yr/56lbs/HW-)                                      


Twila (F/10w/15lbs)                                                                   


Vancover (M/5yrs/16lbs/HW-) (from Project Shih-Zam!)         Again this may not be the correct photo but it is a Shitzu from the project 


Westcoast (NM/3yrs/45lbs/HWT)            No Photo                                        


Wilford Brimley (NM/8yrs/48lbs/HW-)                                 


Willow (F/15w/20lbs)                                                                              No PHoto


Windsor (M/5yrs/17lbs/HW-) (from Project Shih-Zam!)                         A Shitzu 


Winnipeg (SF/7yrs/12lbs/HW-) MEDICAL ALERT ~ BLIND DOG! (from Project Shih-Zam!)                                                                                                                                                                                        Surprise ---another Shitzu   

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