Wags Puppies for Easter what could be more fun!!!!

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Subject: Wags Puppies for Easter what could be more fun!!!!
Date: March 27th 2015

Hey fosters,

I still have a ton of puppies not covered.  I would love to share the wealth and fun.  Your family will love doing Easter with a couple of puppies.  It could become a new Easter tradition.

If you could shoe horn a couple puppies in at your house ---I will try to get them adopted really quick!!!!  Did I forget to say Pretty Please with a Cherry on top?

Well here the sweet little things are.  Remember if we don't get them adopted when they are cute.........

Southern Siblings (4)



Harnett 7 pups (5 left)




Peter Pan Puppies (8)



Rabbit Pups (8)


Cup cake puppies  (7)


Annie Pups (10)




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