Need a few fosters--ONE PREGO!!

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Subject: Need a few fosters--ONE PREGO!!
Date: April 15th 2015

Hi Fosters,


I have a few dogs that need fosters  now and I will send the plea list for 4/26 in a few days.  

Urgent need for this prego momma in the shelter--she was turned in with a Pembroke Corgi who is thought to be the puppy daddy.  Her photos look pitty but the people in NC say she is more houndish and is more like a Carolina dog.  She has no name as of this mailing and will be put to death if rescue is not found.  

Harry (Snap Jack)--was adopted with his brother as an older puppy and now the owner doesn't want either one.  Harry is not particularly good with other dogs.  Living with kids though.  Lab/Pointer mix about 1 year old.  

Rex (Snap Dragon) about  1 year old Lab mix is interested in other dogs so probably  be good with slow intro.

Tootsie needs a new foster.  She is terrific in the house but needs some work on leash and staying in the yard.     

Dallas needs a new foster--Super sweet Dachshund   (Looks like a slightly fatter version of the dog shown in photo.

Blake needs a foster--Owner changed their mind and wants dog out--Threatening to send to SPCA--Help needed quickly---child and cat friendly 

Please Let me know asap if you can help with any of these dogs!!!

Kind thoughts,



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