Need fosters on Saturday--( or before in some cases)

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Subject: Need fosters on Saturday--( or before in some cases)
Date: May 7th 2015

Hi fosters,

Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.  What better present then to bring home a new foster right now?   

Remember --this is just what we do.  And that is why rescue works.

That said the following need covered.

Stonewall Jackson   Stonewall Jackson. 8 month old "all american mutt". Great with dogs, kids, cats. Cautious with people, but *wants* to trust/get loving. Food motivated. Crate trained. Walks gently on leash. Loves playing with toys and chewing on antlers. Recovering from Demodex mange, fur is growing in beautifully and he should look as good as new very soon.   

He is super sweet and fiendly --he just whines for a few minutes when put in his crate at night and this is inturrupting the babies sleep so he needs to move asap--today would be good.

A couple of the Rug Rat puppies will need foster after the event Saturday if they are not adopted.  Let me know if you can foster---fosters that will take two (as this is best for the puppies) will get first dibbs and I will only consider single placements if I have no one willing to take two.

          You get the idea--8 weeks old --super cute and any that don't get adopted need fosters. 

Let me know asap if you can take two and even asaper if you can take Jackson.

Kind thoughts,



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