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Date: October 25th 2013

Hello Hello!!

I wanted to take a moment to get some information out to everyone! Below is the volunteer outline, so we are all on the same page. I am always looking for any and all feed back! In the coming weeks we will be adding a few new things, but I'd like to get the events as they are now, running smoothly for our dogs.

This week I will be starting a "photo booth" for our fosters and adopted dog to take pictures and be showcased!! I'll need some assistance running it, if anyone would like to volunteer.

Otherwise, I'm excited to see everyone Sunday!



You're our backbone to running events! Thank you thank you!!

Please take a name tag, and ask for an assignment below. Once given an assignment, please keep up with it during the entirety of the event, checking in with each dog periodically.


Water- make sure each dog is watered once during event.

Food- make sure each dog is fed

*Due to shortage of bowls we may need to wash and rotate.

Walk- each dog must be walked at least once AFTER eating and drinking.

**Please mark times for each on the "Cared for" sheet on each crate, so we can make sure they've all been "cared for".

Collars- make sure each dog has a snug collar, with only two fingers of wiggle space. (for no escapes!)

Tags- make sure every dog has a wags tag!

Cage clean up: two fold: Make sure each cage has a blanket or towel. Make sure accidents are quickly cleaned up.

Puppy pens: One older volunteer (teen and up) per pen. Please keep track of your puppies. We allow people to see the puppies, but no puppy hoarding! If an interested party would like a dog longer then five or so minutes, they MUST fill out an application. If they are not approved, or an already approved applicant is interested, they MUST return the pup. Any help enforcing this, please find Jeannie or any Sr volunteer.

In between assignments, feel free to walk our dogs!!!


Please remember TWO LEASHES. One slip lead and one regular leash.

When taking dogs in and out, please keep dog close to you on a short leash. Even the sweetest dog can become stressed in an event environment.

Our dogs are now color coded:

Green: Any volunteer 12 and up can handle!

Yellow: Only 18 and up volunteers can handle.

Red: Only SR volunteers can handle.



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