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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: October 31st 2013

Hello hello!

Here's this weeks update!

I'm looking for any and all suggestions from last week!

Suzanne will be doing our photo booth, but we still need volunteers!! Anyone???! Please email me! Dressing up our dogs and taking pictures, doesn't it sound fun!!

I'm looking to plan a meeting for volunteers to discuss issues, ideas and planning! I'll also looking into writing a volunteer waiver, so look for that!

Finally, I would love to increase fosters. Any ideas pertaining to this, please let me know!! Ask friends and family about fostering or adopting. Like our Facebook pages and share posts! Even try printing out our flyer and posting around town!

If you haven't gotten a copy of the outline of volunteering jobs and expectations, let me know!!!

Thank you, thank you as always! Volunteers are the backbone to our rescue!


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