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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: December 4th 2013

Hello hello!

Where having our event this Sunday at 1 to 4. If anybody can come early around 11-12 to help set up that would be awesome!

Things to keep in mind:

Keep dogs and a short leash when they're inside, they should not be nose to nose.

Keep kids hands away from dog crates.

Cannot stand and walkways or doorways with dogs keep those areas clear and he's a dog is dog selective.

When walking dogs remember to write it on their cared for sheet on the back of their profile. Like to make sure all of our dogs are getting locked evenly.

If you cannot handle a dog inside you'll not be able to walk them outside please use caution so we don't lose any dogs.

Each dog needs to leashes a slip lead and a regular leash. They should also have a collar snuggling her neck along with a Wags tag.

If you are a foster, please remember to bring your cage due to a shortage.

if you have not filled out a waiver, please remember to this week!

I've attached the volunteer outline please take a minute to review as well as a Wags flyer. Please feel free to print them out and post them wherever you can. The more attention our events can get the better

As always thank you you are the backbone of our events.


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