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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: August 1st 2014

Plan for Sunday Aug 3:

( Barb Chrissy and Amy doing Am portraits....xoxox)

11:00 Set up 
(Gavin will go to shed...big thanks here!!)

12:00-2:00 dog Wash .... Need runners to bring dogs back and 2 vol. At the table to reg dogs and take money 

1:00-3:00 afternoon pet portraits need 2 volunteers to check in dogs, collect money and dogs/ persons info for sending photo

1:30-4:30 event 

(Evaluating any surrenders after 2:00 this week due to fundraisers)

4:30-5:00 fosters pick up 

5:00-6:30 serious clean-up and neatly packing our bins and storage area!!!

We need lots of hell this weekend and lots of advertising... Pls share this to other volunteers!

Pls bring a snack to share!  Everybody has been awesome with this lately!!

Let me know if I omitted anything! Email me if you can help anywhere!


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