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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: January 1st 2015

Hello Ladies and Gents!!

So here's the deal!

Make sure you've signed up on the signup genius for Sunday- unless you're a foster or core volunteers.

Sunday I will not be there, so reach out to Amanda at the desk or find another core Volunteer!

Sunday the 4th will be an early start! 7AM walk and water! Please bring a snack!

Also- please remember the 9-11 we will be at the Pet Expo at Oaks! Check the webpage for details! We will also be at Pet Valu on the 10th to facilitate some adoptions! PLEASE come out! If you can make it, plea else confirm with me if you have not already!

I'm on my way to California for the weekend, so my response time to emails may take longer!

Good luck Sunday! Let's get some adoptions in!


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