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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: February 24th 2015

Hey all!

SUNDAY was a huge success! 121 dogs, a lamb and a cat came, plus additional fosters. 62 were adopted, a lamb and a cat. WAY TO GO!

Here's the upcoming schedule!

This Saturday 12-3 at PetValu, come one come all!

March 8th at HVH: PLEASE SIGN UP BELOW: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F094FA5A728A4F58-march

March 14th at PetValu, come one come all.

March 21 at HVH, this is an evening event, details of time TBD.

March 29th at HVH, this is a long day 7-7. Please look for a future sign up genius.

Remember this can all change, as things in rescue are unpredictable.


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