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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: March 24th 2015

Ladies and Gents: DID YOU HEAR?!


This weekend is a big big event! We will start at 7AM and need all hands on deck to walk and feed dogs!

Please sign up here to help (if you are not a core volunteer or foster attending).


If all slots in your time are filled, let me know! I have it laid out to 3 additional volunteers every 2 hours (so if you plan to stay longer, just sign up for more slots), and limited to one new volunteer every 2 hours. This way we can pay attention to each new volunteer a little more! We want everyone to feel welcomed to help!

If you are interested in fostering (and we REALLY NEED fosters), please let us know! We have anything, and everything, of any size, and age, waiting to come up, but waiting to hear from a willing foster!

I'm not sure when or how long I will be in attendence (I hope to get there and be there all day, but I have birthday plans the night before). So please reach out to the other core volunteers for quesations, or call/text/email me! 





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